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The rewards of disagreeing

We invite you to consider taking a leap of courage to attend more Braver Angels events this year, and train as an organizer, moderator, or debate chair. You might just reconcile relationships with loved ones, make new friends in unexpected places, and find the joy you are looking for in the year ahead.

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Our new homepage is live!

Following the Braver Angels Way doesn’t only count when we’re in a workshop, at a debate, or attending an alliance meeting. It matters in everything we do. So when we decided to redesign our website, we knew we needed a well-balanced team of Reds, Blues, and Others to work on it together.

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Why “Rich Men North of Richmond” struck a chord

There’s a big divide in America, and it’s not often talked about. It’s not the divide between Democrats and Republicans, or between white Americans and black Americans. It’s the divide between the haves and the have-nots. Anthony’s song speaks to the millions of Americans who feel unheard by a perceived authoritarian class they feel is more interested in serving themselves than their constituents.

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