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A fun and easy way to depolarize your community

We’re almost in the final month of the Rise For America campaign, and we have nearly 1,200 actions committed! It’s not too late to get involved — and there’s a fun and easy way to jump in and make a difference.

What it means to disagree accurately

Civility isn’t just a desire to find common ground, or to bury our differences and sing “kumbaya” with people who disagree with us. It’s not a desire for ideological unity, a jettisoning of our core convictions, or a refusal to engage in healthy conflict.

Why “Rich Men North of Richmond” struck a chord

There’s a big divide in America, and it’s not often talked about. It’s not the divide between Democrats and Republicans, or between white Americans and black Americans. It’s the divide between the haves and the have-nots. Anthony’s song speaks to the millions of Americans who feel unheard by a perceived authoritarian class they feel is more interested in serving themselves than their constituents.

You could be our next Debate Chair

If you’ve been to one of our debates, you’ll know they’re unlike any other. They’re not a competition, but a collective search for truth. 

Our movement was just featured in The New York Times

“I attended parts of the convention and was struck by two things at once,” Farah Stockman, a member of The New York Times editorial board, wrote. “The positive energy that both Gangstagrass and Braver Angels give off—and how much it runs against the grain of what’s trending in the rest of America.”

What we are building

At Braver Angels we, and our allies, are building a movement. It is a movement for reconciliation and goodwill in America that responds to the civic ailments and the cancer of animosity that has spread across our land.

Your governors need your help

If I’ve learned anything working with elected officials to bridge our toughest divides, it’s that they are just as tired of the toxicity as we are, if not more. And that no matter how powerful they seem, they can’t change the game on their own. They need us to stand up and say we’re with them.

We won’t forget what happened in Gettysburg

On Wednesday, nearly 700 delegates — equally divided between Red and Blue — gathered in Gettysburg at the 2023 Braver Angels Convention. We came together to bridge the partisan divide, bring a spirit of goodwill to our politics, and spark a movement that’s larger than our organization alone.

How to livestream the convention

I am pleased to announce that starting Wednesday evening, Braver Angels will be live-streaming the 2023 National Convention on our homepage at braverangels.org.

For those who can’t attend the convention in person, you can tune in online starting with the Opening Plenary at 7pm ET on Wednesday July 5.

And the winners are…

After months of gathering song submissions, partnering with other organizations, working with our incredible volunteer response, and an outstanding cast of judges, the Braver Angels Music team is ready to announce the winners of the 2023 Braver Angels Song Contest.

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