Braver Citizens

Building a stronger country starts at the grassroots.
When it comes to addressing political polarization, everyone has a role to play. 
We organize thousands of citizens at the grassroots level across all 50 states through membership recruitment, local alliance-building, regional leadership development, convention delegation, and community events, including workshops, debates, and town halls.

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Become a Volunteer
Our volunteers are the heartbeat of our mission and the engine of our grassroots work. Learn about the most impactful way you can apply your skills to the mission.
Join a Local Alliance
Join your local alliance to connect with neighbors who want to bridge the partisan divide and strengthen your community. Don’t have a local alliance yet? Start one!
Attend an Event
Experience the Braver Angels Way by attending a debate, workshop, town hall, or discussion. With online and in-person options, you can choose what works best for you.
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Stay engaged with Braver Angels by subscribing to our newsletter, where you’ll be informed on everything from our upcoming events to reflections on topical news.
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Our grassroots movement depends on individuals like you speaking with family, friends and neighbors about the cause. Your efforts make a difference!

Find Your People

We the People's Project
We the People’s Project
A working-class coalition of conservatives, progressives, and independents working to make our voices heard and find common-ground solutions to common problems.
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The Red Caucus
Together, we can learn better ways to communicate conservative values and identify areas where we can find common ground with our more liberal and progressive friends.
Angels of Color Caucus
Angels of Color Caucus
We need your help in creating a culture of inclusion and respect where the voices of people of color and all ethnicities are heard, valued, and respected.
Abraham Gettysburg
Military Veteran’s Group
Our group seeks out opportunities that capitalize on our veteran relationships and access to veteran organizations to further spread the Braver Angels mission.
Film Club
Film Club
The movies we choose may highlight liberal-leaning, conservative-leaning or independent themes, or feature actors or directors from opposite sides of the political spectrum.
Braver Angels Library & Book Club
Library & Book Club
Find member-recommended readings on topics such as race, religion, politics, conversations and more, as well as a list of Braver Angels papers and reports.
Technology Lab
Braver Angels Technology Lab is a collaborative of Braver Angels members and technologists working to reduce affective polarization at scale.
Braver Angels Music Club
Music Club
Braver Angels Music is constantly working to engage musicians in the work of bridge-building and weave music into other Braver Angels efforts.
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Scholars Council
The Scholars Council performs the essential task of convening scholars and public intellectuals to help lead the movement for more goodwill in our politics and society.
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