1:1 Conversations Across Differences

What is a 1:1 Conversation?

A novel way for different types of people to connect personally and as citizens who are concerned for their country.  The process involves two structured 1-hour conversations between two people using an online platform.

If you’re thinking of participating in 1:1 conversations, just jump on into it! You’ll be glad for the experience!
–Deena Recker

I think of each conversation as a sturdy brick. A brick is a small thing, but thousands of bricks together can build a mighty bridge.
–Donna Murphy

The Three Types of Conversations


Connecting one conservative and one liberal/progressive


Connecting one self-described Black person and one self-described White person


Connecting one rural or small-town dweller and one person from an urban or suburban area

The Goals

✓ More understanding of the experiences, feelings, and beliefs of the other person

✓ Discovering any areas of commonality

✓ Ideas for how to bridge differences for the sake of our communities and our country

The Process

  • Emphasizes storytelling, listening, and learning rather than declaring or debating.
  • Both people share and learn. Neither is teaching the other or giving feedback about how to think or say things differently.
  • Participants taking turns responding to a series of questions of increasing depth, with the other person listening without cross talk, and then sharing what they learned about the other’s views and experiences, and seeing if there is something in common.
  • Ends with both people coming up with action ideas to make a difference.

Choose a Conversation Type

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If you are a Red seeking a Red/Blue conversation, a Black person seeking a Black/White conversation, or a Rural or Small-Town dweller seeking a Rural/Urban conversation, feel free to sign up by yourself now.

If you are a Blue for a Red/Blue conversation, a White person for a Black/White conversation, or an Urban or Suburban dweller for a Rural/Urban conversation, please find a partner on the other side. When you sign up, enter your partner’s name and email address where requested. Please do try hard to find a partner. Summoning the courage to reach out to someone different than you is part of this process. If you cannot find a partner, you can sign up anyway, but please be prepared for a wait of indeterminate length.

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