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Braver U

Leadership Education, Scholarship and the Arts
Braver U is personal, educational, and leadership development for Braver Angels members and partners.
Rooted in America’s tradition of adult education, and inspired by the schools of philosophy of the discussion movement of the 1930s and 1940s and the citizenship schools of the civil rights movement of the 1960s, Braver U has three objectives:

Programs and Offerings

Experience Braver Angel’s premier national online speaker event series that bridges the worlds of dedicated grassroots depolarization work and thoughtful public intellectualism.
Braver Angels Music Community is constantly working to engage musicians in the work of bridge-building and weave music into other Braver Angels efforts.
Braver Angels has been subject to a variety of rigorous, data-driven evaluation. Learn more to read through our collection of internal and external published reports.

Students can participate in these seminars to broaden their education. Check out our current list of course offerings. 

Find member-recommended readings on topics such as race, religion, politics, conversations and more, as well as a list of Braver Angels papers and reports.
The movies we choose may highlight liberal-leaning, conservative-leaning or independent themes, or feature actors or directors from opposite sides of the political spectrum.
Braver Lens

Using the photovoice technique, Braver Lens explores the American political divide through photography.

Check out the published works of our Braver Angels authors for a closer look at how to bridge the divide within our communities. 

The Scholars Council performs the essential task of convening scholars and public intellectuals to help lead the movement for more goodwill in our politics and society.
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