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Can Jesus Cross Our Divides?

This belief that love can transcend our differences is a belief that yet binds many Christians and non-Christians alike. We need love if we are to heal America. And we need the teachings and exemplars of love to come forth from our heritage to show us the way to mend.

The Sum of Our Parts

By combining the ideas of very different people—and organizations—to discover not only what each can contribute but what collectively we can create, we might finally accept that together, we’re greater than the sum of our parts. 

The Screen of Whiteness

But the question of whiteness is a profound one, arching over history, society, psychology and identity. Is whiteness a cancer? A legitimate identity? Or is it just another divisive racial category that obscures the value of the individual?

The answer is complicated for a Black man like me.

Reports from organizers, members and volunteers

Remembering Sandy Hook

Braver Angels South Carolina State Coordinator Monica Rockwell reflects on the tragedy ten years later.


Featuring Braver Angels leaders

Muunie, Braver Angels Artist of the Month (August 2022)

Artist of the Month: Muunie

Therapeutic pop artist Muunie talks with Alma Cook about how becoming “the most healed version of herself” has helped her radically love others.

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