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Days of Infamy, Heroes of Democracy

At each moment, millions of us held our breath, and millions more of us raged in righteous fury, or stood in trembling fear. The stakes of our times shone clear, the twists and turns of American life on bright, terrible display. Each a moment of fury and dread that, still unresolved, lives on. Each a moment, we raged and feared, that would end America as we know it.

My family’s Thanksgiving disaster

Thanksgiving 2017. My house buzzed with chattering voices. Two dining-room tables butted together to accommodate five sons and wives. A half-sized table awaited six small grandchildren.

Reports from organizers, members and volunteers

What a pit bull taught me about humanizing the other side

In our latest Sunday newsletter, Randy Lioz relates his experience playing with a pit bull to America’s political divide. Perhaps if our country was less fearful of the other side, we could avoid our own bouts of tug-of-war.


Featuring Braver Angels leaders

Jan Krist, Braver Angels Artist of the Month (January 2022)

Artist of the Month: Jan Krist

Musical and visual artist Jan Krist shares her artistic and political backstory, her experience as a Braver Angels debate panelist, and whether she thinks “beauty will save the world.”

Artist of the Month: Terry Bell

Nashville songwriter Terry Bell shares the story arc of his career, peppering in lots of insights about the power of music to touch people’s lives.

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