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A Firebell in the Night

Our mission at Braver Angels, since the day of our founding a few short years ago and across all the lifetimes and ages that have passed since then, remains what it always has been and always will be: to hold America together by transforming ourselves and loving one another.

Hold America Together

A message from Braver Angels’ President, David Blankenhorn, on the events of January 06, 2021.

The Heroes Of Our Own Stories

I’ve heard several people declare that they are uniquely impervious to the human tendency toward emotionally motivated reasoning. But I tend to conclude instead that this person is the opposite of unique. They’re blind to the impact of their own biases, just like the rest of us.

Reports from organizers, members and volunteers

Politics at Dinner in Post-Trump America: A Blue’s Advice to Her Fellow Blues

After two nights of competing to share the most outrageous Trump news, I made a request that we not talk about Trump, so that we could instead learn about each other. At first there was silence. Then some nods. They agreed. And over the course of the week we ended up laughing, crying, and feeling inspired by the personal stories we shared.

The Politics of (Self)Division

As I reflect on my inner voices, I’m struck that my liberal voice is egotistical, and my conservative voice is defensive. I note that the liberal voice argues from a feeling of intellectual superiority, and the conservative from a sense of moral superiority. It strikes me that the two voices talk past each other. Morality and knowledge are pitted against each other. That should not be.

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