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‘A faith restoring example’

Following their debate at Denison University in Ohio, students agreed that something profound took place and that the experience had changed them. “I’m asking myself how I can carry this forward to other students,” one student said, “and even more, I’m wondering how we can expand and bring it to a multiplicity of campuses.”

Introducing the Braver Angels Guidelines on Tolerance

We cannot trust each other if we cannot tolerate the differences in our points of view. Still, aren’t some views wrong and perhaps dangerous as well? Braver Angels members and followers deserve a clear understanding of the principles that guide us. That is why we have published these Braver Angels Guidelines on Tolerance so that everyone who participates in and observes Braver Angels may understand exactly what informs our editorial and programming decisions.

Remembering a true Braver Angel

On April 3, Braver Angels and the world lost one of our best leaders. When we lost David Iwinski — a thinker, a bridge builder, and a believer in America — I and many members of our community also lost a beloved friend.

Reports from organizers, members and volunteers


Featuring Braver Angels leaders

David LaMotte, Braver Angels Artist of the Month (May 2022)

Artist of the Month: David LaMotte

North Carolina singer-songwriter David LaMotte models an unconventional life of bridge-building that weaves together music, community engagement, and international peace work.

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