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Voices in the Voids: Yet More Selected Songs from the BA Songwriting Contest

This article, however, features speakers across a racial rather than a partisan divide. For this conversation, the white speaker is Cameron Swallow, a Braver Angels leader and local bluegrass musician in Wisconsin. The Black speaker is Austin Willacy, a professional songwriter, musician, and activist near Oakland, California.

The Art of Listening: How Jazz Can Inspire Our Political Discourse

Jazz musicians don’t have to agree with each other’s notes, but they should inspire each other, just as two people discussing a hot topic in politics should acknowledge their differences while keeping an open ear for other points of view to take the narrative in a more dynamic direction.

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A Braver Angels PSA

Participants and observers in a Braver Angels workshop, focused on abortion, in Grants Pass, Oregon reflect on their experience and the influence of Braver Angels.

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