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What is a Braver Angels Alliance?

Braver Angels Alliances are local groups of people who have participated in a Braver Angels workshop, have become dues-paying members, and want to keep the conversation going and find common ground. Alliances have at least one red co-chair and one blue co-chair. They prioritize having no more than a 60/40 split in red and blue membership. There can also be members who see themselves as true independents who do not lean red or blue.

What Do Braver Angels Alliances Do?

The short answer is that Braver Angels Alliances do whatever they want that is consistent with the Braver Angels mission of depolarizing America and that is right for their community. 

There are four main streams of activity:

  1. Alliances sponsor Braver Angels events in the local community. These include Braver Angels Red/Blue Workshops, Skills workshops where participants learn effective ways to communicate with others who differ from them politically and Braver Angels Debates.
  2. Alliances delve deeper into specific issues, with the goal of seeking better understanding of how citizens on the other side are thinking about the issue.
  3. Alliances discuss public policy issues that the group democratically agrees to work on. The proposed criteria for choosing policy issues are:
    • The issue directly addresses sources of polarization, OR the issue has wide red/blue support but is blocked by inertia or legislative polarization,
    • A local group could make a difference when reds and blues go public together,
    • The issue has at least one red and blue champion: that is, someone who is willing to spend time and energy to help lead and do work on the issue.
    • To be adopted, it requires at least 75 percent support on both red and blue sides.
  4. Alliances engage in other activities that local Alliances develop.  These have included writing letter to the editor, town halls (without the rancor and the partisanship), and inviting local politicians and media members in to discuss how their institutions can help advance the cause of depolarization.
  5. Contact your local state coordinators to learn more about the requirements for joining an alliance, how to find a group in your area, and how to start your own.

How can I donate to an Alliance or State Organization?

Click here to make a contribution to support your local Alliance or State Braver Angels organization.

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