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Our new homepage is live!


Here at Braver Angels, we often talk about the Braver Angels Way, which is a list of guiding principles that inform the way we do our work. It includes statements such as:

  • We state our views freely and fully, without fear.
  • We treat people who disagree with us with honesty, dignity and respect.
  • We welcome opportunities to engage those with whom we disagree.

Following the Braver Angels Way doesn’t only count when we’re in a workshop, at a debate, or attending an alliance meeting. It matters in everything we do. So when we decided to redesign our website, we knew we needed a well-balanced team of Reds, Blues, and Others to work on it together.

>> Check out: our new homepage!

In June, we brought together four Reds, four Blues, and two Others from across the organization—and the country— to design a homepage that would enable visitors to get more involved in our movement, whether they’re coming to the site for the first time, or have been a part of Braver Angels for years.

Within our team, we had people specifically focused on ensuring our language is balanced, our user journey is intuitive, and our homepage reflects America. We looked internally for insights we could glean, and referred to reports such as the Red Research Project, which goes deep on the perspective of Reds within Braver Angels and beyond.

But above all, we used the Braver Angels Way to have hard conversations and honest debates about what’s needed in this moment. We all came with our own perspectives and backgrounds—including an arborist in Vermont, a teacher in Iowa, and a mom of two young kids in Washington—but that was the point. Building a team of people with sincere differences made our work better and stronger, and we’re so grateful we got a chance to do it together. (Psst—scroll down to the bottom of the homepage to get a look at our team!)

So, whether you’re hoping to learn about our movement, build a new set of skills, or volunteer and take action, please check out our new homepage, and let us know what you think! We’ll continually be updating this page and redesigning more pages throughout our site, so your feedback will be critical to our success.

And finally, if you’re looking to learn more about the Braver Angels Way, we know just the place to find it.

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Our 2024 National Convention, taking place in Kenosha, WI this June 27-29, will be a launching pad for better, more hopeful politics. We’re going to Kenosha to create hope – American Hope – and we need your help.

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