Braver Network

Braver Network

Join us in building a broadly based social movement.


One organization can’t change the country. A social movement can.

Braver Network is a free, voluntary network of organizations across the political spectrum working together to bridge the partisan divide. We’re committed to equal representation of reds and blues in the network, strong representation of independents and non-partisan groups, and a mix of national and community organizations.

No one will ask you for money. There are no required meetings. The only requirements are that you designate someone from your team to serve as a liaison to the network and that you allow us to list your organization as a network partner. The rest is up to you.

How We Can Work Together

Not ready to commit? Sign up for an upcoming info session or send us an email at

Meet the Braver Network Partners


Honorary Co-Chair

Institute for Local Government

Honorary Co-Chair


Honorary Co-Chair


Designate someone who’ll be responsible to be your organization’s liaison with Braver Network.

The liaison is the person within your organization who connects your members to the Braver Network. They must be a member of Braver Angel (annual dues are $12). They’ll receive monthly digital newsletters outlining upcoming opportunities and will be invited to attend quarterly, one-hour, online gatherings to share information and discuss key topics.

For anyone joining Braver Angels, we ask you (if you’re agreeable) to indicate to us your overall political leaning.  For Braver Network, we want a group of liaisons that’s politically balanced, with about half leaning red and about half leaning blue. Political balance is vital to our mission.

Yes.  There are opportunities for partnership work tailored to your organization’s needs.

Working with other groups to foster civil discourse advances Braver Angels’ mission.

Participation is entirely voluntary and can be ended at any time.

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