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Braver Angels moderators lead our signature Red/Blue workshop as well as other BA workshops—both in-person and online.
Braver Angels Moderators deliver content (in skills-based workshops), facilitate structured conversations (in experiential workshops) and lead a variety of well-tested exercises. By establishing and enforcing workshop ground rules and following workshop designs, BA Moderators create an environment in which participants can explore challenging political topics and learn more about themselves and others.


"I enjoy being a BA moderator because it allows me to use my skills to enable others to better understand the value of communicating effectively with curiosity and respect."
"I started as a Zoom Event Manager and really enjoyed working with experienced Braver Angels' moderators. They inspired me to take the training and give it a try -- thanks to all of you for encouraging me!"
"While my personal preference is moderating in-person workshops, I’ve found that moderating online has given me the opportunity to meet people from all across the country and I’ve made some really satisfying friendships with folks whose political perspectives are very different from my own."
"Becoming a Braver Angels moderator has given me great hope for our future."
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Get Started

Step 1

Listen to Audio Intro

Hear from Braver Angels co-founder Bill Doherty about the application process.

Step 1

Step 3

Complete the Training

Once you are accepted, you will be given access to our Moderator Training Website to complete a number of training activities (10-15 hours total). After completing those required activities, you will then attend a Moderator Orientation Meeting (held over Zoom) where you will have the opportunity to speak with Bill Doherty and fellow moderators-in-training about moderator expectations.

Step 3

Step 4

Complete a Qualification Session

You may then choose to go through a Phase 1 Qualification Session to qualify as an In-Person Moderator (delivering in-person workshops only) or you can complete about 2 hours of additional training and go through a Phase 2 Qualification Session to qualify as an Online and In-Person Moderator (delivering workshops either in-person or online).

Step 4

Step 5

Stay Up to Date

All BA Moderators are expected to stay up to date on new workshop offerings and review/refresh themselves on the content of any workshop they are going to moderate.

Step 5


Yes, there is no charge for the training. We also expect people to do the workshop without charging.

Once you’re accepted, you’ll become a part of the Braver Angels moderator community and your name will be added to the list of Qualified Moderators. The most successful (and busiest!) moderators are those who actively reach out to their local and state alliances and/or network with BA members that they meet through virtual events. You are encouraged to join the monthly Moderator Forums to learn from–and with–other moderators. Upcoming Moderator Forums are announced via email to all qualified BA moderators and moderators-in-training.

The training is self-paced and most people find that it takes 10-15 hours to complete.

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