What is a Braver Angels Moderator?

Braver Angels moderators lead the red/blue and skills workshops in their communities. They work with workshop organizers and sponsoring institutions, and they may be invited to give presentations about Braver Angels in their communities.

Listen below to lead workshop designer Bill Doherty’s overview of what a Braver Angels moderator does, our workshops, and the qualifications for a moderator.

Looking to become an online events Moderator?

If you’ve already been trained as a Braver Angels Moderator, you can get additional training to be able to run online workshops via Zoom!

Check out this brief audio introduction to the Moderator Application Process

What are the Qualifications for Becoming a Moderator?

There are FOUR qualifications for being a Braver Angels Moderator:

  1.  Membership.You must be a Braver Angels member.  To join Braver Angels, CLICK HERE.

  2.  Group facilitation experience. This means that you are comfortable with group process, and that you are able to create a supportive environment while also enforcing ground rules and upholding the structure of the workshop.

    It’s not enough if your working with groups is as a manager of work teams. In Workshops, you have no authority over the people that attend and you can’t “manage” them.

    Work as a therapist is also not sufficient. The skills in a client relationship with an individual, a couple or a family are not the same as group facilitation experience. Some therapists have experience in group therapy, which may qualify.

  3. Emotional readiness for this work. This work is about de-polarization, and that can be very emotional. We need people who have respect for the other side, and who won’t respond to getting their buttons pushed by someone of a different political persuasion.

    In the moderator role, you must be neutral and you have to create a space where everyone feels respected, where everyone in the room says that the moderator wasn’t emotionally reactive to either side or wasn’t trying to “correct” either side. You cannot see the other side as deplorable or ignorant or deserving of pity. You would have trouble doing this work if your goal is to “enlighten” the other side.

    In short, you cannot be emotionally triggered by people who have political views that are very different from your own.

  4. Workshop Attendance. Because we want you to have a feel for Braver Angels workshops before you become a moderator, it is necessary that you participate in a workshop before submitting your application. The workshop can be local or national, online or in-person. Any of our workshops (not debates) would qualify. To sign up to attend a Braver Angels Workshop, CLICK HERE.

How do I become a Braver Angels Moderator?

There are four steps to becoming a Braver Angels moderator:

  1. Fill out the application form. In the application form, speak to your group facilitation experience and provide a short resume that speaks to that experience. Don’t give us your standard resume or CV.
  2. Once you’re accepted, you’ll become a moderator in training. You’ll need to view approximately 12 hours of videos and read various materials, including manuals for both Red/Blue Workshops and Skills Workshops.
  3. Once you’re done, you affirm that you’ve gone through all of the materials and affirm that you’re comfortable with the emotional readiness aspect of the work.
  4. You’ll then have a short video call with one of our existing moderators to confirm your readiness and to answer any of your questions.

There is no charge for the training. We also expect people to do the workshop without charging.

Once you’re accepted, you’ll become a part of the Braver Angels moderator community.  This is a very supportive and interactive community who have regular calls and a private forum for moderators.

Many moderators report that the experience of being a moderator has been transformative and among the most rewarding experiences of their professional life.

Please note: You must be a Braver Angels member and you must have participated in a workshop to apply as a moderator. To become a member, please JOIN HERE.

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