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Our Financials

Funding the Movement

In everything we do, we aspire to be fully transparent, ideologically balanced, and driven by the grassroots. Our funding is no exception.

By giving to Braver Angels, you are investing in a stronger nation.

Our most recent Charity Navigator rating is a 3-star “Give With Confidence”.
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Our Financials

Below, please find our 990 forms — the annual IRS-required “Returns of Organizations Exempt from Income Tax” — filed as Institute for American Values, as well as our audited financials and non-profit status information. These provide the most detailed reports of our yearly expenditures and sources of income.

Fiscal Year 2021
Fiscal Year 2020
Fiscal Year 2019
Non-profit Status

Our Funding

Foundation Funding Balance
Braver Angels receives meaningful support from foundations which are considered to be left-of- center (60%) and foundations considered to be right-of-center (40%). Our goal is to draw funding from foundations spanning the political spectrum in a balanced manner.
Member Funding of Operations
Braver Angels aims to be a member-supported organization with the majority of our budget covered by member contributions. In 2022, 38% of our $4.4M budget was supplied by member dues and gifts. This represented a 20% increase from 2021.
Grassroots Funding Focus
In 2022, 73% of funding directly supported grassroots programming, including our network of local alliances and debates across college campuses.
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