Trustworthy Elections Campaign

We build trust in the integrity of our elections.

A sure sign of a failing democratic republic is when people no longer trust election results.

Our vision in this national campaign is an America in which growing majorities in both parties believe that U.S. elections are fair, reliable, and worthy of the public’s trust.

To realize this vision, Common Ground Workshops across the country bring together conservatives concerned with voter fraud and election security and progressives concerned with voter suppression and the peaceful transfer of power to look for common-ground ideas for establishing trustworthy elections.

From each local workshop, two or more participants (with the requirement of equal numbers red and blue) will be eligible to join a national task force on trustworthy elections.

Organize a Workshop

The primary tool for the Trustworthy Elections Campaign will be Common Ground Workshops organized across the country in which citizens meet on equal terms in mixed groups (concerned with fraud / concerned with suppression) to clarify differences and seek common ground. The stories and recommendations emerging from this grassroots American conversation will inform and structure the next phase of the initiative. Please consider organizing a workshop in your area.

For further assistance with organizing an event, please reach out to Bill Carberry at

Join the National Task Force

This committee will meet monthly via Zoom to build relationships and explore issues. In 2023 we will release a jointly-authored (half red / half blue) Report to the Nation on common-ground ideas for ensuring bipartisan trust in U.S. elections. The committee will disseminate this message of hope and these practical ideas to legislators, the media, leaders of civil society, and opinion leaders across the country.

Our nation needs us and we invite you to join this effort.

Ways You Can Help

Meet the Campaign Leaders

Progress to Date

Completed Workshops Date
Montgomery County, MD October 2020
Texas June 2021
Boston, MA (live) June 2022
Southern California (National) September 2022
Formation of Trustworthy Elections Leadership Committee Workshop September 2022
Northern California (live) October 2022
Western Washington (National) November 2022
Carroll County, MD November 2022
First Meeting of National Task Force February 2023
Interim Report Completed June 2023
Presentation at Braver Angels Gettysburg Convention July 2023
Draft Final Report Completed January 2024
Report Dissemination March - November 2024
Future Workshops Date
North Carolina (Statewide) Pending
Georgia Pending
Texas Pending
South Carolina Pending
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