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A member of Braver Angels is part of a national community – we are Republicans, Democrats, and Independents of all political persuasions.

We form local alliances and hold local workshops and debates. We discuss our differences with civility and look for common ground. We encourage each other and we organize others do the same. We are a grassroots family fixing our broken politics from the bottom up.

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Braver Angels facilitates events in all 50 states. Get to know your fellow Americans better through workshops, debates, and campus engagement.

Participants learn to understand each other beyond stereotypes, form community alliances, and reduce the vitriol that poisons our civic culture.


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Organizers work with teams to plan and produce Braver Angels workshops, debates and other events. 



Moderators lead our Red-Blue workshops and our skills trainings.  They have received extensive training necessary to facilitate productive discussions.

Debate Chair

Debate Chairs lead our Braver Angels Debates.  Like moderators, they receive training to ensure that the debates are successful.

Zoom Event Manager

Zoom Event Managers help to run our online events from behind the scenes. They’re trained in a variety of aspects of the Zoom platform. 

Other ways to help

We are looking for volunteers to take on various assignments. We hope you can help!

1, First, provide some basic information and tell us a bit about yourself here.

2. Second, review our current list of opportunities. Select an opportunity, then contact the listed Braver Angels leader directly to tell them that you’re interested. This list will be updated from time to time as our volunteer needs change.

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