Braver Angels 2024
National Convention

June 27 - 29 in Kenosha, WI

Come to Carthage. Create hope.

In 2023, on the 160th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, over 680 people came together on the hallowed grounds of the battlefield to disagree without hatred, recognize common ground where it exists, and have real debate at the Braver Angels 2023 National Convention.
Over four days, delegates participated in over 60 different workshops, debates, panels, and events on topics ranging from Christian nationalism with Hunter Baker and Dan Darling, Black America with Tavis Smiley and Ian Rowe, polarization and propaganda with Jonathan Rauch, and how to handle being triggered with Luis Mojica. Delegates even had the opportunity to  write songs together and perform them at our concert alongside our Artist-in-Residence, Gangstagrass.
Representative Dean Phillips (D-MN) joined us for a conversation with co-founder Bill Doherty where he called Braver Angels members his “heroes,” and Governor Spencer Cox (R-UT) spoke to our delegates about how we can disagree better, and committed himself to advocating for Braver Angels  in his role as the Chair of the National Governors Association (NGA).
2023 Convention Dean Phillips, Bill Doherty, Spencer Cox
On the final day, we voted on and adapted a platform that called for a national movement of civic renewal.
2023 Convention voting
Our 2024 National Convention will take place at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin on June 27-29. Located halfway between Milwaukee and Chicago – the respective locations for next year’s Republican and Democratic National Conventions – our Convention will be a launching pad for better, more hopeful politics. 

This will be an event like no other in American politics – we hope you can be there.

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