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What is Braver Partners?

Braver Partners is a volunteer network of civil society organizations from across the political spectrum who support bringing Americans together for civil discourse to bridge our divides.

If your organization is interested in joining, express interest here and we’ll get you set up with an introductory chat with our team.

Why join?

  • Develop and connect your people

    Your members can broaden their networks, develop new leadership skills, and become more effective citizens and colleagues. They’ll have opportunities to participate in civil-discourse activities such as moderated issue debates, workshops on bridging divides, viewpoint-diverse discussion groups, podcasts, local events, and community and public forums. Your organization can also send representatives to the Braver Angels National Convention.

  • Build capacity and depolarize your culture

    Many organizations have experienced damaging internal rifts due to political divisiveness. Participating in Braver Partners will give you many opportunities to strengthen bonds of trust across your differences.

  • Help your country in a time of need

    For the nation we love, your organization can join with many others to help create a broadly based social movement for more goodwill in our politics and society.

  • Gain recognition

    Let the world know that your organization is committed to the work of social renewal.


  • Regular opportunities for members of your organization to participate in workshops, debates, and public forums connected to depolarization

  • 100 free memberships in Braver Angels
  • Opportunities for those who are members of Braver Angels to participate in leadership trainings, including in organizing and chairing debates, workshops, and other activities connected to depolarization

Let's get to know each other

Does your organization need an introduction to Braver Angels?  As a first step, let’s explore the benefits of partnership together.

Already have a relationship with us?

Have you already had contact with the Braver Partners team and been invited to take next steps?


Current Partners

Membership in the Braver Partners network is voluntary and does not imply any organization’s endorsement of any other.

Honorary Co-Chairs

Jennifer Bartolatta
Young Presidents Organization

Erica Manuel
Institute for Local Government in California

Doug Sprei
American Council of Trustees and Alumni

Community Partners

Names of organizations, alpha order, with hyperlinks to their home pages.

National Partners

Names of organizations, alpha order, with hyperlinks to their home pages.


Designate someone who’ll be responsible to be your organization’s liaison with Braver Partners.

The liaison is the person within your organization who connects your members to the Braver Partners network. They must be a member of Braver Angel (annual dues are $12). They’ll receive monthly digital newsletters outlining upcoming opportunities and will be invited to attend quarterly, one-hour, online gatherings to share information and discuss key topics.

For anyone joining Braver Angels, we ask you (if you’re agreeable) to indicate to us your overall political leaning. For the Braver Partners network, because political balance is vital to our mission, we want liaisons as a group to be about half leaning red and about half leaning blue.

Yes. There are opportunities for partnership work tailored to your organization’s needs. 

Working with other groups to foster civil discourse advances Braver Angels’ mission.

Participation is entirely voluntary and can be ended at any time.

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