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Empathizing with the Left?! Discussing Race with Dennis Prager


Dennis Prager, (author, talk radio show host and long time thought leader among American conservatives) believes that everything the left touches it destroys. But is there nothing to empathize with on the left? That was the conversation I wound up having with Dennis particularly with respect to the subject of race. 

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3 thoughts on “Empathizing with the Left?! Discussing Race with Dennis Prager”

  1. A concerned BA member

    What’s the point of bringing someone who is partially responsible for our polarization & the proliferation of false information into the Braver Angels fold?

  2. Marsha Williams

    Thank you for presenting this discussion. I had never heard of Prager but it’s enlightening to hear the views of someone so close minded. John did a good job of not falling into his gross generalizations.

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