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Want to fight polarization? Take a vacation! | Aziz Abu Sarah with Randy Lioz


Aziz Abu Sarah started Mejdi Tours to create a new kind of experience for travelers within conflict zones. Their trips, through places like Israel and the Palestinian territories, Northern Ireland, Colombia and the Baltics, present multiple perspectives on each site they visit, building ties with local communities and creating lasting friendships. Aziz joins Braver Angels leader Randy Lioz for a conversation about his work and his life story that brought him to the world of peace building, as they take on tough questions about power dynamics, victimhood, and what the U.S. can learn from conflicts in other places.

For a look at the first chapter of Aziz’s book, Crossing Boundaries, click here!

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2 thoughts on “Want to fight polarization? Take a vacation! | Aziz Abu Sarah with Randy Lioz”

  1. I wish this podcast was titled something different than “go on vacation.” I almost skipped watching because it’s not in my budget to do that. That’s a shame because this podcast wrestles with the big questions of what to do with people who have truly wronged you and how to get over hate. If this had been titled “My brother was killed, but I still believe in peace,” it would have been more accurate and drawn in more people.

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