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What’s Up With Elon Musk? | A Braver Angels Podcast Holiday Special


Seriously: what’s going on with Elon Musk? And what happens when “free speech absolutism” runs up against the realities of running the nation’s defacto digital public square? How has Joe Biden performed in his first two years in office? And what can Americans expect from Braver Angels in 2023? In the final episode of the year, Ciaran O’Connor convenes fellow Braver Angels leaders John Wood, Jr., Monica Guzman, April Lawson, and Gabbi Timmis for a freewheeling roundtable discussion. See you in 2023!

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1 thought on “What’s Up With Elon Musk? | A Braver Angels Podcast Holiday Special”

  1. William Aiken

    Another episode of our conservative friends enjoying the sound of their own voices and offering up a shallow, self-congratulatory dive. De Santos is not some policy genius and dynamic leader. He won by a smaller margin than Fl leans to the right. I dread to think about how some facile, power-mad Republican would have done in the face of Ukraine, COVID, and GLOBAL inflation – Biden doesn’t control inflation. The US is doing better than it’s peers thanks to Biden’s team and policy. And before you hold up Florida as some sort of utopia – let’s wait for the insurance fall out when all this ocean front property is under water every 5 years…Florida is also another state that is heavily subsidized by the Federal government. The very week after the Martha’s Vinyard stunt, the pinocchio known as de Santos, suddenly found his manners and was gracious enough to accept Biden’s unconditional support for Fl affected by the disaster. Mrs. ForcedBirth, so delighted with her unethically-constituted, right-wing supreme court, no mention of Ginny Thomas. What are your “conservative values,” pray tell? Do you think liberals can’t be good parents? You need to check your head and be specific about your dog whistles. Consider me tired of being the adult in the room. I’m glad that Dems are going to finally give R’s a dose of their own medicine and launch investigations into these two-bit hucksters from the back of nowhere that are praying on their ignorant constituents and tearing our country apart.

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