Musician’s Corner

And the winners are…

After months of gathering song submissions, partnering with other organizations, working with our incredible volunteer response, and an outstanding cast of judges, the Braver Angels Music team is ready to announce the winners of the 2023 Braver Angels Song Contest.

Artist of the Month: T.J. Troy

T.J. Troy believes artistic freedom and integrity comes first. Read how the Grammy-winning percussionist’s worldview was shaped by international travel—and why he believes music has lost its cultural resonance.

Artist of the Month: Kimi Katiti

Rapper Kimi Katiti thinks forgiveness is getting a bad rap. Here’s why she believes it’s the key to racial reconciliation and how her beliefs were shaped by Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, and her local skatepark.

Artist of the Month: Jan Krist

Musical and visual artist Jan Krist shares her artistic and political backstory, her experience as a Braver Angels debate panelist, and whether she thinks “beauty will save the world.”

Artist of the Month: Alvin Garrett

Grammy-nominated songwriter Alvin Garrett talks with Alma Cook about musical identity, the responsibility of celebrity, and how the Tuscaloosa school system prepared him for a life a bridge-building.

Artist of the Month: Ben Caron

Singer Ben Caron chats about growing up in rural Iowa, his bridge-building work with Reds and Blues, and his vision for a world tour that looks like “Phish meets Burning Man meets Peace Corps.”

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