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Music Contest

The Braver Angels music team designs programs that engage musicians in the work of depolarization and incorporates music into other Braver Angels efforts. The music committee is currently working on four main projects:

  • We are working to incorporate music into more of Braver Angels’ workshops, debates, and members’ events. This involves arranging for musicians to perform live or finding appropriate recorded content from our musical community. We also periodically organize concerts (e.g., we hosted an evening of song and gratitude in November 2020).
  • We are cultivating a songwriting community, building relationships among musicians seeking to create music that speaks to our nation’s political divides. You can find & join the community here
  • We conduct youth outreach, engaging young people in musical events and programs that also facilitate productive, positive discussions of political differences.
  • Finally, we work with musical artists to highlight the work of Braver Angels to new audiences. This takes two forms: first, we are recruiting a set of Braver Angels music ambassadors—established, well-known musicians representing us in the public sphere. Second, we spotlight a grassroots artist of the month, featuring this musician in our online content. You can apply to be an artist of the month here

In 2020, the music team organized a Braver Angels songwriting contest. More than 200 songwriters answered our call to submit songs in the spirit of Braver Angels. You can view the full contest collection here, and you can read a series of red/blue dialogues on selected entries here (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).

If you have ideas or connections that might help with any of these efforts, please write to our team at!


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