The Sound of Us ft. Wayna

“What does it mean to be whole – to see ourselves in one another, to learn how the notes of each soul create harmony from dust?”

Writers Roundtable – May 2020

Braver Angels’ writers reconvened to talk about the handling of the allegations against Biden, reasons for the country’s continued polarization in the midst of COVID-19, and how Braver Angels should emphasize different aspects of its messaging.

Braver Angels Writers Roundtable

An intellectually and politically diverse band of contributors to Braver Angels Media gathered for a digital roundtable discussion and talked polarization in the age of COVID-19, whether Federalism is still relevant, and Braver Angels changing its name from Better Angels.

A Braver Angels PSA

Participants and observers in a Braver Angels workshop, focused on abortion, in Grants Pass, Oregon reflect on their experience and the influence of Braver Angels.

David Blankenhorn | C-SPAN

Braver Angels president and co-founder David Blankenhorn appeared on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal for a lengthy discussion about the organization and how to restore civility to politics.

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