Writers Roundtable – May 2020

Braver Angels’ writers reconvened to talk about the handling of the allegations against Biden, reasons for the country’s continued polarization in the midst of COVID-19, and how Braver Angels should emphasize different aspects of its messaging.

Experiencing COVID-19

Like the rest of America, Braver Angels has been touched by the COVID-19 epidemic and the national response. Some of us have been touched in very personal ways. So listen as the Braver Angels crew, including Ciaran, April, Monica and John, share their own experiences related to COVID-19, while exploring the warring attitudes of the …

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Morality, Politics and Persuasion | Scott Adams and John Wood, Jr.

How do we overcome the bitterness of American politics and change the way things are done? “Left of Bernie,” yet a consistent defender of President Trump; author, commentator and creator of the comic strip “Dilbert” Scott Adams is a fascinating or infuriating voice in the political conversation, depending on who you ask. But Scott is …

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Braver Angels Writers Roundtable

An intellectually and politically diverse band of contributors to Braver Angels Media gathered for a digital roundtable discussion and talked polarization in the age of COVID-19, whether Federalism is still relevant, and Braver Angels changing its name from Better Angels.

The Media and COVID-19: Featuring Annafi Wahed, Denise Quinn and Monica Guzman

Everybody seems to hate the media. But is it the problem or the solution? And is it possible that during the COVID-19 pandemic Americans are coming together after all? Ciaran O’Connor and John Wood, Jr. are joined by media figures Annafi Wahed (founder of The Flipside), Denise Nanke (talk radio show host on KYKN in …

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A Braver Angels PSA

Participants and observers in a Braver Angels workshop, focused on abortion, in Grants Pass, Oregon reflect on their experience and the influence of Braver Angels.

David Blankenhorn | C-SPAN

Braver Angels president and co-founder David Blankenhorn appeared on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal for a lengthy discussion about the organization and how to restore civility to politics.

Campfire and a Song by Steve Seskin

June 22nd, St. Louis, MO, Braver Angels Convention Concert Night: A song about coming together from down very different roads, from the great American singer-songwriter Mr. Steve Seskin.

In Conversation: Black Lives Matter and the Tea Party

Hawk Newsome, President of Black Lives Matter New York, sits down with Ray Warrick, leader of the Cincinnati Tea Party, to discuss the origins of their movements, their personal stories, the differences between them and the areas their values converge in this singularly American conversation at the Braver Angels Convention. June 22nd, Washington University, St. …

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Countering Political Division with Braver Angels

SPNN Forum // Guest Host Kel Heyl explores Push-Back Storytelling; talking with Professor Bill Doherty, whose organization Braver Angels seeks to counter the excessive polarization in our political life.

Fame and Polarization with Ken Bone

Average Joe turned political celebrity Ken Bone joins John and Ciaran to talk about his wild ride to fame following his celebrated appearance at the second 2016 Trump vs. Clinton presidential debate, and to share his insights into the problem of political polarization and how we can overcome it.

Conservatism of Connection: John Wood, Jr. at CPAC

Immediately following President Trump, Braver Angels media director and former Republican nominee for congress John Wood, Jr. took the stage from Pepperdine university to discuss the state of the conservative movement in California, and need to restore civil bonds with people on the left.

A Braver Angels State of the Union

On January 31st, Braver Angels shared a vision of what our politics could be if we were to seek the best in each other, harkening to our common creed. Here’s what it felt like…