Zoom Event Manager

What is a Zoom Event Manager?

With many Braver Angels events now occurring online via Zoom videoconference calls, there’s an immense need for trained managers who work behind the scenes to help these events go smoothly.

Zoom Event Managers do a variety of tasks, from simply admitting people from the virtual waiting room to the more complex job of managing breakout rooms. There are roles available for people with a wide variety of skill and experience levels, and our tech experts will work closely with you to ensure you can be highly effective in handling our events.

What does a Zoom Event Manager do?

There are different specialized Event Manager roles, depending on the event type:

Participant Manager. This is the basic ZEM role, other roles require to first complete training of this role. PMs are our utility players, managing a wide range of tasks at once, from monitoring participants for sound and video issues and helping them through tasks like renaming themselves, to sending important messages and links into the chat.

“PMs” must always be vigilant for attendees who might cause a disruption, either intentionally or not, including re-admitting anyone dropped from a call.

Breakout Room Manager. Our online events rely on Zoom breakout rooms for various purposes, from rooms of two for paired skills practice, to rooms with a group of Reds or Blues to work through a Stereotypes exercise, to multiple debate rooms with hundreds of people.

Our “BRMs” are highly skilled and quick thinking, with the ability to plan well and adjust their configuration on the fly.

Debate Whip. This role is vital to ensuring that our Online Debates are lively and engaging. The whips monitor the audience, keeping an eye out for potential speakers and questioners, and ensuring that it’s not just the most outspoken people who get a platform.

Our Online Debates have grown at such a rate that they’d be impossible to manage without a small team working the audience.

Troubleshooter. It’s not just Zoom that can be a challenge for our attendees; sometimes their sound has cut out or they have trouble with their web connection. Our Troubleshooters generally have a tech background, enabling them to help out in a variety of frustrating situations, especially for inexperienced participants.

Troubleshooters are busiest at the start of the event, and are available to help out via Zoom chat, text and phone.

How do I become a Braver Angels Zoom Event Manager?

Anyone who wishes to help run online events is welcome to enroll in our training below. When you’re all trained up, we’ll start to notify you when we need help running events around the country.

Braver Angels will also provide ongoing support, helping you to keep up with best practices and updates to the Zoom platform. You’ll also have a chance to pay it forward and train other Event Managers.

Become a Zoom Event Manager

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