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Organizers form, lead, and work with teams to plan and produce Braver Angels workshops and other events.
In-person and online events both require organizers. The duties are similar, with some differences, which are described below.


** Note: an organizer is not responsible for facilitating the event itself; trained Braver Angels moderators facilitate the events.

Get Started

Step 2

Work with a Trained Organizer Mentor

Step 2

Step 3

Complete a Qualification Session

Step 3


We provide training and support in the following ways:

  • Weekly support calls and opportunities to connect with other Braver Angels organizers across the country
  • Mentoring by experienced organizers
  • Online Event and Public Outreach Resources (Written Processes & Procedures, Step-By-Step Guide, etc.)
  • Ongoing training opportunities
  • Organizer Help Desk and Office Hours

Advanced, add-on training will prepare you to manage more complex events, such as Red/Blue and Common Ground workshops. This is a very supportive and interactive community, with regular calls and ready access to support.

Braver Angels Support