What is a Braver Angels Organizer?

  • Organizers form, lead, and work with teams to plan and produce Braver Angels workshops and other events.
  • In-person and online events both require organizers. The duties are similar, with some differences, which are described below.

What are the Qualifications for Becoming an Organizer?

  1. Being well-organized, detail-oriented, and having good people skills. There are many details to keep track of and lots of people (and sometimes organizations) involved. The organizer needs to keep everything and everyone moving forward in the same direction, ensure that all necessary tasks are completed on time, keep all team members informed and engaged, and be flexible and maintain sense of humor when things inevitably don’t work out exactly as planned.
  2. Organizing online events requires basic computer skills and access to a strong reliable internet connection. Tasks include scheduling and facilitating planning meetings via Zoom, monitoring a registration page on Eventbrite, securing a Zoom Meeting room for the event, opening the Zoom Meeting room, and doing simple troubleshooting and problem-solving.

Note that an organizer is not responsible for facilitating the event itself; trained Braver Angels moderators facilitate the events.

How does Braver Angels support organizers?

  1. Weekly support calls and opportunities to connect with other Braver Angels organizers across the country
  2. Mentoring by experienced organizers
  3. Online Event and Public Outreach Resources (Written Processes & Procedures, Step-By-Step Guide, etc.)
  4. Ongoing training opportunities
  5. Organizer Help Desk and Office Hours

How do I become a Braver Angels Organizer?

These are the steps to becoming a Braver Angels Organizer

  1. Register for Organizer Training.
  2. Complete the basic training steps to become a qualified Organizer.
  3. Work with a trained organizer mentor.
  4. Have a qualification session with an organizer trainer. You’ll become a part of the Braver Angels organizer community.

Advanced, add-on training will prepare you to manage more complex events, such as Red/Blue and Common Ground workshops. This is a very supportive and interactive community, with regular calls and ready access to support.

Please note: only Braver Angels members can enroll to be an organizer. You can join here.

Questions for the Organizer Core Team?

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