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Braver Angels Ambassadors work in outreach, speaking publicly to various organizations or writing op-eds.
While everyone in Braver Angels is an “ambassador,” the Ambassador program provides structured resources and information. The Braver Angels Ambassadors Program provides a formalized outreach structure for presentations/information about Braver Angels as an organization AND insight into how to depolarize at the individual level. It is based on an assumption that there is a need to inform people about Braver Angels and reach those who might not otherwise want to participate in a group workshop or meeting. The Ambassadors program is designed to support and supplement the work of the Field Leaders throughout Braver Angels. Most of our Ambassadors have other roles in the larger organization, but not all do.


"After learning about Braver Angels I wanted to shout about their mission from the rooftops! I was so relieved to find an organization doing this important work, becoming an ambassador seemed like a natural step for me."
Holly Highfield, Purple, Redlands CA
"I wanted to take my participation to the next level, so I signed up to become an Ambassador. I'm very happy I did. It's been great so far. The support is incredible. I have made such a positive change within myself that I can now go out and spread the BA word."
Anne Klanica, Blue, Acme PA
"Braver Angels helped to restore my faith in Americans and their ability [...] to work together to find common ground. I became an Ambassador to share our mission with others."
Rita Chisolm, Red, Russellville AR
"I’m an Ambassador because I really believe in Braver Angels and want to spread the word to others."
Nancy Ross, Red (Libertarian)
"I took the Ambassador training to enhance my skills for doing presentations about Braver Angels[...] I have used elements of the content I acquired many many times in informal, incidental, one-on-one conversations [...] and at BA outreach events - it’s given me more confidence to initiate these encounters with strangers."
Liz Wise, Blue, WA
"I enjoy talking to groups of people and I want to promote the value (and the necessity!) of building a culture of civic discourse."
Anonymous, Other, Sebastopol CA
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We provide training and support in the following ways:

Topical/Discussion Meetings: We hold regular topical Zoom meetings to allow a deeper dive into an area of interest. This will also provide an opportunity for Ambassadors to ask questions, troubleshoot concerns or provide insight into what has worked for them. The meetings will have the following format and last 1.5 hours. Generally, the first hour is the business meeting while the last 30 minutes is for open discussion.

Meetings are recorded and available for any Ambassador unable to attend.

Elevator Speech Workshop: The Elevator Speech Workshop is an interactive session designed to help you develop a clear, concise, and memorable way to talk about Braver Angels and capture your audience’s attention in less than 15 seconds

Instructor Lorraine Howell retired at the end of 2020 after more than 20 years of speech coaching and media training. Lorraine is the author of Give Your Elevator Speech a Lift! a step-by-step guide to eliminating the verbal clutter when answering the question “What do you do?” She has served as a Moderator with Braver Angels and is a member of the Braver Angels Western WA Alliance.

Toastmasters: Ambassadors have a wide range of experiences and interests. Some have presented to a variety of audiences while others are seeking to develop their skills. To that end, we have started offering an 8-week Toastmasters program for interested Ambassadors.

Ambassadors have access to the Public Outreach page (available through the “General Resources” on the Member Portal or by going directly to the Field Leaders Promotional Resources page.)

While all Braver Angels members have access to these resources, going through Orientation will provide a deeper understanding of what’s on this page, and how/why/when the resources can be used.

Being an Ambassador can help members determine how they can provide outreach to others about Braver Angels. As noted above, everyone in the organization is considered to be an ambassador. Someone who goes through the training becomes an Ambassador “with a capital A.” That means they receive specific instruction/resources about how/when/where/why they can provide resources. They also get access to others working on the same in their communities.

No, part of being an Ambassador is gaining access to resources to help build skills and use resources. While it’s best to have some familiarity with the organization, we will provide connections and information to help provide whatever level of outreach you might feel comfortable with.

As a grassroots movement, Braver Angels seeks to spread its message of depolarization primarily by connecting with local community groups. We regularly speak to community organizations and groups of many types, including:

  • Religious groups
  • Educational groups
  • Civic groups
  • Community meetups
  • Rotary and volunteer clubs
  • Other groups of all sizes

If you would like Braver Angels to speak to your group, please request a a speaker here.

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