Ambassadors work in outreach for Braver Angels, speaking publicly to various organizations or writing op-eds. While everyone in BA is an “ambassador,” the Ambassador program provides structured resources and information.

If you would like an Ambassador to speak to your group or organization, then visit this page to request a Braver Angels speaker.

If you would like to become an Ambassador, visit this page to enroll in Ambassador training.

What is the Ambassador Program?

The BA Ambassadors Program provides a formalized outreach structure for presentations/information about Braver Angels as an organization AND insight into how to depolarize at the individual level. It is based on an assumption that there is a need to inform people about BA and reach those who might not otherwise want to participate in a group workshop or meeting.

What does an Ambassador do?

For the most part, Ambassadors speak about Braver Angels in presentations, podcasts, or other interview situations. Ambassadors can also take the lead in writing op-eds.

The Ambassadors program is designed as a needs and interest exchange for Field Leaders and Ambassadors to work together to determine what’s best for that state or region. This should work as a two-way street; Ambassadors can identify their areas of interest and Field Leaders can indicate their areas of need for outreach and public speaking.

Because each state or region has its own needs, the Ambassadors and Field leaders work together to determine an effective strategy. Ambassadors are still also welcome to reach out to groups they know about.

How do I Become an Ambassador?

We offer an online orientation program for any newly interested Ambassadors. The orientation will cover:

  • Background and importance of the Ambassador program,
  • Expectations,
  • Overview of toolkit materials (See below)

Interested individuals can enroll below to receive the orientation materials.

What other Support and Resources are Offered?

We provide training and support in the following ways:

Toastmasters: Ambassadors have a wide range of experiences and interests. Some have presented to a variety of audiences while others are seeking to develop their skills. To that end, we have started offering an 8-week Toastmasters program for interested Ambassadors.

Topical/Discussion Meetings: We will also hold regular topical Zoom meetings to allow a deeper dive into an area of interest or section of the toolkit. This will also provide an opportunity for Ambassadors to ask questions, troubleshoot concerns or provide insight into what has worked for them.

The meetings will have the following format and last up to 2 hours:

  • Information shared by Braver Angels subject matter expert
  • Q and A
  • General discussion

Meetings will be recorded and available for any Ambassador unable to attend.

Toolkit: We have created an Ambassador toolkit with the following standalone sections:

  • Introduction/Overview
  • Braver Angels knowledge
  • Goal Setting
  • Choosing a Delivery Method for Your Audience
  • Determining Your Points and Planning Your Message
  • Delivery Tips
  • Video Recordings
  • Presentation Aids
  • Op-Eds
  • Social Media
  • Evaluation/Self-evaluation

NOTE: This toolkit can be accessed in the Public Outreach section of the BA Members portal on and on the Ambassador Trello Board.

Trello Board with Additional Resources: Ambassadors also have special access to a board where they can find other resources, including sample speeches, Braver Angels recruitment-specific material and links to presentations, podcasts and op-eds created by other Ambassadors.


To enroll, you must be a Braver Angels member*
We strongly encourage the completion of a Red-Blue Workshop before enrolling!

*To become a Braver Angels member, visit this page

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