Watch BA Leader John Wood Jr. talk about the "Holding America Together" Campaign on NBC LX

Can the American Right and Left Get Back to Civil Debate?

The National Review // George Leef — Some organizations are trying to remind us that we’re better off with civil discourse rather than rancorous name-calling. In today’s Martin Center article, Shannon Watkins writes about that, focusing especially on a group called Braver Angels.


Randy Lioz — Braver Angels California

KUCI – Ask A Voter – Mar 3, 2020

Bill Doherty

KQ Morning show – Nov 15, 2018

Northern Alliance Radio

Mitch Berg show – Jun 16, 2018

Bridging the Bitter Divide Between Red and Blue

Employing some strategies used in couples therapy, one group’s mission since 2016 has been to try and heal the bitter divide between liberals and conservatives in the country, urging them to find common ground and avoid labels. NBC New York’s Melissa Russo reports.

Bridging the Political Divide

Director of Public Outreach, John Wood, Jr. appeared on CTV News to talk Braver Angels role in civic society, and goals for the 2020 election year.

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