Debate Whips

Braver Angels Debate Whips identify and interact with potential speakers, answer questions from participants and support the Chair in creating a balanced, lively and smoothly run debate.
If you are considering being part of the dynamic Debate Team, and like to help people feel welcome, engaged and comfortable in speaking out during debates, a Whip position may be right for you. Their direct communications with attendees have a profound effect on how participants view the debate experience, their willingness to take risks in speaking or asking questions, and their ability to feel engaged in the debate even if they don’t speak. This training is designed to assist whips in knowing what to anticipate in the Zoom environment, learning how to interact with participants through the technology, and observing an experienced whip in an online debate to become comfortable with the online format and processes.


"I like encouraging the hesitant to speak. It's important for people to realize their voice matters."
Madeline McCarren


Please email the Debate Volunteer Team at if you have further questions about Whip Training.

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