A Braver Angels PSA

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Participants and observers in a Braver Angels workshop, focused on abortion, in Grants Pass, Oregon reflect on their experience and the influence of Braver Angels.

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To My Fellow Americans, from a Humble Member of Braver Angels

Again, we find ourselves in such a time, where the old question for Americans—whether human beings like ourselves might be capable of governing ourselves by reflection and choice, or if we are forever condemned to the capricious rule of accident and force—is on the table.

1 thought on “A Braver Angels PSA”

  1. All of these are such needed topics and I plan to join the debate on the 23rd. It sounds helpful and what is needed now in the midst of so much fear mongering, lack of data and science and TESTING!
    Guess what side of the debate I am on?
    Personally, I am going more inward every day and have to call a friend or get up from the 24-hour Virus TV.
    Projects, projects, projects. Journaling, List making.
    British (more real than US) TV on Hulu. Keeping my place tid-ed up.
    Going to and copying readings from organizations like yours. SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center), Listing to the organist at Plymouth Congregational Church play gorgeous and inspiring music that makes me cry–grieving for less cakotic days. Reading the journal of the Westar (Jesus Seminars) for more uplifing and open-minded, liberal theology than most.
    Mother Jones – Purged: Amid the pandemic, Republicans are working overtime to keep you from voting–very concerned and working with Democrats to make sure the November 2020 voting is secure.
    In other words, freaking out about everything!!! Trying to believe that we will get through this like the 9/11 tragedy & Katrina storm. Hoping that enough people will in this country will become interested in equality, healthcare for ALL, ways to begin conversations on how to change the United States political climate to go forward in a more equal and just way for ALL of us.

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