America’s Public Forum: Systemic Racism & the Data | Wilfred Reilly & Roderick Graham with John Wood, Jr.

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People have strong opinions about Systemic Racism. Some believe it defines our society, others believe it does not exist. What does the data say? And do differing definitions come into play?

Watch Braver Angels’ July 22 American Public Forum event on the data surrounding Systemic Racism. Featuring Associate Professor of Political Science at Kentucky State University Wilfred Reilly and Assistant Professor of Sociology at Grand Dominion University Roderick Graham. Moderated by Braver Angels National Ambassador John Wood, Jr. This event was produced in partnership with the National Institute for Civil Discourse and 1776 Unites.

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This article, however, features speakers across a racial rather than a partisan divide. For this conversation, the white speaker is Cameron Swallow, a Braver Angels leader and local bluegrass musician in Wisconsin. The Black speaker is Austin Willacy, a professional songwriter, musician, and activist near Oakland, California.

2 thoughts on “America’s Public Forum: Systemic Racism & the Data | Wilfred Reilly & Roderick Graham with John Wood, Jr.”

  1. There is a difference between racist thinking and racist behavior. You cannot control what I think. There are regulations on my behavior.

  2. Really appreciate the discussions – it’s validating to hear my thoughts spoken aloud (I’m NOT alone in this contemporary Twilight Zone!). Also appreciate respectfully presented opposing views, rather than parrot ranting that is rampant in my local community. The respectful nature and pace help me to be willing to press on and press in.

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