Braver Angels | Glenn Loury and John Wood, Jr. (The Glenn Show)

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Glenn Loury is a famously tough-minded, take no prisoners debater who makes fierce arguments in defense of patriotism and a practical vision for the future of black America. But does Glenn see wisdom in the work of Braver Angels, or consider it a way of appeasing bad actors in American politics? This debate and dialogue between Glenn Loury and John Wood, Jr. is one for the record books.

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This article, however, features speakers across a racial rather than a partisan divide. For this conversation, the white speaker is Cameron Swallow, a Braver Angels leader and local bluegrass musician in Wisconsin. The Black speaker is Austin Willacy, a professional songwriter, musician, and activist near Oakland, California.

1 thought on “Braver Angels | Glenn Loury and John Wood, Jr. (The Glenn Show)”

  1. It’s funny how life takes its turns. I listened to this just by chance. 1 podcast lead to another which referenced a 3rd. How fortunate I feel to have heard this conversation. I think I have heard Glen speak a few times before this and this was the 1st time hearing John. The passion is obvious and pure and the goals noble. The world needs so much of this right now, respectful discourse. Thanks for the example.

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