John Wood, Jr.

John Wood, Jr.

John Wood Jr. is a national leader for Braver Angels, a former nominee for congress, former Vice-Chairman of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County, musical artist and a noted writer and speaker on subjects including racial and political reconciliation.

Social Transformation through Self Transformation: John Wood, Jr. at Visionaries Summit

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Braver Angels national leader John Wood, Jr. delivers a passionate address to The Visionaries Summit in Sacramento, California on the power of personal transformation to effect social change through Martin Luther King, Jr.’s principles of non-violence.

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2 thoughts on “Social Transformation through Self Transformation: John Wood, Jr. at Visionaries Summit”

  1. Carol Alexander

    I really appreciate how well Braver Angels is bringing together folks with different backgrounds who decide to work together for the betterment of our society. This is working well, and is an idea that has promise for a positive future in our country. Ultimately, this idea can become a world-wide endeavor where folks can see positive elements in the character of others that can make definite improvements for everyone in our world.

  2. Paul Terkelsen

    Thanks John, we needed your perspective this week, in particular. I hope more will share it as I did.

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