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City Pages: After Trump: A Minnesota movement invites divided America to marriage counseling

An excellent piece in Minnesotta-based City Pages website on the impact of a local Braver Angels workshop on participants from all political perspectives. “Braver Angels’ depolarization workshops—named after a line in a speech Abraham Lincoln gave on the brink of Civil War—are now in all 50 states. They cover how to deal with warring relatives, …

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Braver Angels Documentary to Be Shown Again

Arizona Daily Star // Andrea Molberg — It’s time to enjoy the Fall weather! Come spend your time watching the Braver Angels documentary to see how citizens across the country are turning down political heat.

Braver Angels: Group launches chapter in Sheridan

The Sheridan Press // Sheridan — About 50 local residents showed up Tuesday to hear about the launch of the local Braver Angels chapter, which is part of a national effort to reduce political polarization and promote civil political discussions.

Documentary to promote civil political dialogue will be shown in Wilmington

Wilmington Star News// Cheryl Whitaker — The public is invited to a free screening of the documentary “Braver Angels: Reuniting America” on Wednesday, Oct. 23 at the Hannah Block Historic USO/ Community Arts Center, 120 S. Second St. Registration is at 6 p.m., the showing begins at 6:30 p.m., and a discussion will follow.

Word of the day: Unique

The Sheridan Press — Braver Angels is a nationwide grassroots movement to depolarize America. We think of it as a companion to Community Conversations where we model how to talk about tough subjects in a civil and respectful way. Learning how to bring people of opposing political parties together in the same manner will be enlightening.

CVC to host program about depolarizing America

The Sheridan Press // SHERIDAN — Launched in 2016, Braver Angels is a bipartisan citizen’s movement to unify America. By creating opportunities for meaningful discussions, Braver Angels works to dial down the heated rhetoric that gets in the way of real conversations and accurate understanding of our differences.

Two Frederick County residents aim to bridge political divide

The Frederick News-Post// Jim Carpenter and Natalie Abbas are on different sides of the political aisle —Carpenter, a Democrat from Frederick, and Abbas, a Republican from Myersville. But that hasn’t stopped the two Frederick County residents from talking politics in a respectful way. And now, they aim to spread civil discourse through a national nonprofit tasked with teaching Democrats and Republicans how to discuss the issues without inflaming the rhetoric.

‘We must not be enemies‘

Newton Daily News // “We can still have our differences — that’s fine — but we should be able to get along while we do it,” Peters said, noting that although he ran as a Republican candidate he sees himself more as a Libertarian. “So that’s kind of what Braver Angels is all about.” Last week, Peters held a screening of the “Braver Angels: Reuniting America” documentary and coaxed a brief discussion with some of Jasper County’s elected officials, 2020 campaign workers, candidates and voters at the Newton Public Library.

How to Respectfully Disagree

The Daily Universe// Is there a good way to disagree with someone while still being respectful of their thoughts and opinions? BYU persuasive writing professor Erin Blackmun teaches her students that sharing their opinions with each other is an opportunity to be enlightened.

Velis and Humason act to bridge political gap

The Reminder // SOUTHWICK — Bringing together people with opposite political views often creates a volatile situation. To keep the peace and bring back civility, open discussion, and understanding, Braver Angels is bringing political parties together in Western Massachusetts at their Sept. 30 bi–partisan public event.

Churchill: Trying to hear our ‘Braver Angels’

TimesUnion // ALBANY — France, a right-leaning libertarian from Albany, and Galvin, a progressive who lives in Niskayuna, are founders of the local chapter of Braver Angels, a national movement working to depolarize a highly polarized America.


Inside Sacramento // Braver Angels is not another summit of academics or a photo-op for politicians. It is citizen-to-citizen advocacy focused on breaking the cycle of political retribution and partisanship at the grassroots level. Unlike efforts to assign blame or browbeat people, Braver Angels embraces ideological differences and focuses on returning civility to political disagreement.

A Separate Peace

Tab Berg, Inside Sacramento America is binging on outrage because liberals are arrogant elitists recklessly opening our borders and bankrupting the country, while conservatives are hateful bigots bent on destroying the environment and oppressing poor people. Neither statement is true, but both stereotypes feed the outrage addiction that has become the default narrative of public …

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Locals attend ‘Braver Angels’ conference

The Sheridan Press // SHERIDAN — When it comes to politics, the only thing everyone seems to agree on is that no one can agree on much of anything. Everyone also seems to agree that intractable political conflicts are doing more harm than good.