Race, Policing, Experience and Perspective | Coleman Hughes and John Wood, Jr

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A columnist at Quillette Magazine, a contributor to Citi Journal and a person who has testified before the House of Representatives on the subject of reparations, Coleman Hughes is a writer and public commentator who has been celebrated for his sober analysis of issues relating to race in America. He joins John Wood, Jr. to talk about the statistics illustrating the nuanced reality of police violence towards African-Americans and the ways in which experience may help shape our viewpoint of social realities. You’ll hear some viewpoints here you won’t hear many other places.

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2 thoughts on “Race, Policing, Experience and Perspective | Coleman Hughes and John Wood, Jr”

  1. A very informative podcast on race relations in the United States with Coleman Hughes and John Wood. Clearly outlining the steps that need to be taken for understanding and truth to prevail in our society.


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