Word of the day: Unique

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By The Sheridan Press

Dear Readers, today’s Word of the Day is unique. Or as my mom would pronounce it, you-nih-kew. Unique, no matter how you choose to pronounce it, is defined as being the only one of its kind, not like anything else.

We all have that relative who can only be described as unique (looking at you, Tuna). The friend who is just her own self in style and way of being in the world (I’m not naming names, but you know who you are). The cat that looks like your typical orange tabby but is unlike any other cat with his own mannerisms and personality (raise your paw, Dave). Unique. You know it when you see it or experience it.

I was fortunate enough to travel to San Jose, California, a couple weeks ago to receive a BoardSource Certificate of Nonprofit Consulting after a three-day training. Now I’m all certificated (I made that word up — it sounds way more important than certified) and feel like I have extra credibility when I facilitate for nonprofit boards. No more trying to get by only on my charm and good looks — I am the real deal.

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