Duluth News-Tribune: Saying ‘Those people’ isn’t helping. Grassroots nonprofit aims to ease political disagreements

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By Melinda Lavine | full article here

Braver Angels group helps political parties work together. A workshop is planned for Feb. 10 in Duluth.

Imagine ending a political debate today with: “You’re a fellow American. You’re a thoughtful person, and I want to better understand where you’re coming from.”

“They’re trying to teach ways to have vigorous disagreements without attacking people personally,” she said. “When you understand where people are coming from, that’s where you can create constructive compromise.”

That dehumanizing element is causing a lot of problems on the topic of politics, said Pat Devries, Braver Angels Minnesota co-coordinator. “We tend to say ‘Those people,’ and ‘They do this,’ but that’s not helping.”

“Democracy is, in some way, one continued argument,” Doherty said.

Read the full piece in the Duluth News-Tribune.

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