‘We must not be enemies‘

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By Christopher Braunschweig, Newton Daily News

A two-time challenger of Iowa’s second congressional district seat is traveling through all 99 counties in the state to encourage elected officials and the electorate to work together with the opposite party and end the pervasive political polarization that continues to overwhelm day-to-day conversations and social media news feeds.

Former candidate Dr. Christopher Peters, who unsuccessfully campaigned against incumbent Congressman Dave Loebsack, is a volunteer for the Braver Angels Iowa Outreach Project, whose mission is to promote civil dialogue between elected and constituent party members, especially in a time where civil discourse seems to largely revolve around the topic of politics.

“We can still have our differences — that’s fine — but we should be able to get along while we do it,” Peters said, noting that although he ran as a Republican candidate he sees himself more as a Libertarian. “So that’s kind of what Braver Angels is all about.”

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