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The Call to Unite | Tim Shriver with John Wood, Jr. & April Lawson


Are calls to unity too weak, too generic, or too “blue” to move Americans? What are the hard truths that stand in the way of unity?

Educator, activist, and author Tim Shriver joins the Braver Angels Podcast to talk about his new book, The Call to Unite, and the budding nationwide movement to unite America. Joined by April Lawson and John Wood, Jr., Tim reflects on the history of nonviolent movements, shares his own methods for building connection and empathy, and responds to criticisms of the idea of unity in modern America. 

Learn more about Tim’s new book:

Twitter: @braverangels, @TimShriver, @thecalltounite, @JohnRWoodJr, @AprilALawson

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7 thoughts on “The Call to Unite | Tim Shriver with John Wood, Jr. & April Lawson”

  1. Lenny Rothbart

    Given the bipartisan nature of Braver Angels, I’m puzzled that the first sentence appears to associate calls for unity specifically with “blue” ideology, or am I misinterpreting it?

    1. Well, what that is referring to is the fact that the organizations that populate the bridge building space in general are blue. Braver Angels may be the only one with significant red support and leadership. Related to that, it has often been the case that conservatives have seen unity related efforts (even pre-Biden) as clandestine efforts towards progressive re-education.

  2. Hart S Edmonds

    I do wonder about red state resistance to “Unity” as an effort to dominate. What’s the alternative? Unity doesn’t mean the end of difference, but it does call for all of us to examine our values and the objectives of our politics.

  3. The divide is a predictable result of the wealth gap in the US. There are, of course, other reasons, but when the have-nots get sick of watching the wealthy dance and grin, they realize how badly they are getting shafted. Whether consciously or not, resistance will happen. If we as a country are wise enough to make this process public, to discuss it in full, and to try and fix it, we can temper the negative responses. But if not we could see the whole house of cards crashing down. History.

  4. The Reds fear “Unity” because it is double speak by the Blues to hide domination and indoctrination to single views and governmental control.

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