Braver Angels Songwriting

Music Contest

“With songs… the work of Braver Angels can be brought to a different level. It can broaden, spread and bring hearts together more powerfully than ever before.” 

–Peter Yarrow

From May 14th-July 4th 2020, more than 200 songwriters answered our call to submit songs in the spirit of Braver Angels. You can view the full contest collection HERE. You can read a series of Red/Blue dialogues on selected entries here (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).

If you would still like to share a song with us (even though the contest is over), please use the entry form below. Once we review your song, we will store it in our music catalogue, and if we ever have an occasion to share it, we’ll let you know. 

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“We are hoping you will write songs that allow people to feel the beauty and joy of breaking through barriers and standing together, knowing with certainty that our hearts and good intentions are united.  Such songs have, in the past, brought people together to change history, built a more caring society, and leapt forward to redress past inequities. With your help, your talent, and your music, together as one, let us do this once more. Let us heal and inspire our country with a music and a message that helps us reclaim the good heart and integrity of our citizenry and our country”

-Peter Yarrow

Submit Your Song

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Additional Submission Information

  • Please send us only one song at a time. The more songs you send, the less likely we’ll listen. We are a volunteer-based organization and have limited time. 
  • We prefer videos that feature live performers. 
  • Please do not submit a song if you are unwilling or unable to let us share your song on all our media platforms.
  • Some songwriting contests are money-making enterprises for the organizers, but Braver Angels’ goal is different. We wish to support musicians while raising public awareness of our work, our objectives, and our mission. Therefore, entry is free for members and held to what we feel is a minimum and affordable cost of membership ($12) for non-members. 
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