Songwriting Contest Entries

Different Shades

Armand Della Volpe

Braver Angels

Doug Hendren

I Miss America

Steve Eulberg

Listen to the Children

Larry Sagen/Jason Hansen/Todd Scales/Mike Brenner/Jessica Nusbaum

New Worried Man

Alana Johnson (mando: Bozie Fields)

Mr/Ms Mirror–A Peacemaking Ditty

Dan Erdman (also sung by Marcia Erdman

Red and Blue

Michael Pelz Sherman

The Compassionate Rebel

Julie D Penshorn

The Wave

Abigayle Kompst 

My Country is Not Mine

Simon Thomsen

I’m Right

Greg Munford

Close to You

Amanda Spinella

Free to Disagree

Happy Ron

Stuck Inside

Neil Levin

We Are All In This Together

Debbie Preece


Diane Hurst

Imaginary World

Chris Sand

Better Angels

Eric H.F. Law

Shirts vs. Skins

Ted Williams

City Limits Diner

Bruce Fogelsong

This Earth is Your Earth

Scott Grace

We Always Hold the Sun

Willow Scrivner

Make America Good Again

Beth Blatt/Derek Gregor

(vocals- Jack McKenna; guitar- Michael Shofi)

Loving Thoughts

GT Blake and Bia Laborte

(vocals- Annette Laborte)

Ghost of Abuelito

Kristen Grainger & Daniel Wetzel

Samad and Archie

Olivia Brownlee