Race, Antiracism and Growing up Biracial | Thomas Chatterton Williams and John Wood, Jr.

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Author Thomas Chatterton Williams is a unique and insightful voice of the American cultural landscape. Contributor at New York Times Magazine and author of Losing My Cool, Williams’ racial commentary emphasizes the need to transcend racial categories to help depolarize American racial life. In this conversation he and John Wood, Jr. discuss their biracial upbringings, talk about the meaning of “Blackness,” chat about antiracism as an ideology, the writings of Ibram Kendi and more. Learn about Braver Angels at www.braverangels.org Follow Twitter: @thomaschattwill @JohnRWoodJr @BraverAngelsFacebook: @BraverAngels
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Again, we find ourselves in such a time, where the old question for Americans—whether human beings like ourselves might be capable of governing ourselves by reflection and choice, or if we are forever condemned to the capricious rule of accident and force—is on the table.

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