Braver Angels Scholars Council

The Council is an independent, volunteer network of scholars balanced across the political spectrum and the human sciences who support bringing Americans together to bridge the political divide.

Members can participate in Braver Angels programs such as debates, podcasts, and public forums. They can design and carry out program evaluations, conduct relevant research, act as Braver Angels ambassadors in higher education, advise on forthcoming publications and programs, and serve as faculty for leadership institutes serving Braver Angels volunteers.

For Braver Angels and the nation, the Council performs the essential task of convening scholars and public intellectuals to help lead the movement for more goodwill in our politics and society.

Honorary Co-Chairs

Patricia Draves
Graceland University

Samuel W. “Dub” Oliver
Union University


Ibrahim Anli
Rumi Forum (Washington, D.C.)
Jewish Islamic Dialogue Society

Christopher A. Bail
Duke University
Founder of the Duke Polarization Lab Author of Breaking the Social Media Prism

Hunter Baker
Union University
Author of The End of Secularism and The System Has a Soul

Martha Bayles
Arts Sciences Honors Program
Boston College, Author of Through a Screen Darkly

Andrew Bibby
Utah Valley University
Co-editor of Rival Visions

Robert A. Blair
Brown University
Democratic Erosion Consortium
Author of Peacekeeping, Policing, and the Rule of Law After Civil War

Graham Bodie
University of Mississippi

Harry C. Boyte
Augsburg University Co-founder of the Institute for Public Life and Work
Author of Awakening Democracy Through Public Work

Sorcha A. Brophy
Columbia Mailman School of Public Health

Emre Celik
Executive Director, Peace Island Institute New York
Charles Sturt University (Australia)
President Emeritus, Rumi Forum

Amy Chua
Yale Law School
Author of Political Tribes: Group Instinct and the Fate of Nations

Obie Clayton, Jr.
Clark Atlanta University
Co-editor of Black Fathers in Contemporary American Society
and An American Dilemma Revisited

Stephen Clements
Professor of Political Science
Dean, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Asbury University

David D. Corey
Professor of Political Science in the Honors Program Baylor University

John Corvino
Wayne State University
Co-author of Debating Religious Liberty and Discrimination

Daniel Darling
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Director, Land Center for Cultural Engagement
Author of Ministers of Reconciliation

Stewart Davenport
Pepperdine University

Richard F. Doner
Emeritus, Department of Political Science
Emory University

James N. Druckman
Professor of Political Science
Faculty Fellow, Institute for Policy Research
Northwestern University

Paul S. Edwards
Brigham Young University
Director of the Wheatley Institution

Rachel Ferguson
Concordia University Chicago
Director of the Center for Free Enterprise

Eli J. Finkel
Northwestern University
Kellogg School of Management
Author of The All-Or-Nothing Marriage

Robert Michael Franklin
Emory University Candler School of Theology
Author of Moral Leadership and Crisis in the Village
Former president of Morehouse College
Former president of the Interdenominational Theological Center

Francis Fukuyama
Stanford University
Author of The End of History, Trust, and Identity

William Galston
Brookings Institution
Ezra K. Zilkha Chair and Senior Fellow

Shalyn Romney Garrett
Co-author of The Upswing: How America Came Together a Century Ago and How
We Can Do It Again

Francesco Gino
Harvard University Business School
Author of Rebel Talent

Jessica Gottlieb
Hobby School of Public Affairs
University of Houston

Roderick S. Graham
Old Dominion University
Author of The Digital Practices of African-Americans

Jonathan Haidt
New York University Stern School of Business
Author of The Righteous Mind and co-author of The Coddling of the American

Hahrie Han
Johns Hopkins University
Director of the SNF Agora Institute
Author of How Organizations Develop Activists

Richard Harris
Professor Emeritus of Political Science
Rutgers University

Alan Hawkins
Brigham Young University
Co-author of Should I Try to Work It Out?

Eliza Hawkins
Brigham Young University

Kirk Hawkins
Brigham Young University
Director of Team Populism

Charles Heckscher
Rutgers University
Author of Trust in a Complex World

Peter C. Hill
Biola University Rosemead School of Psychology
Author of Psychology of Religious Fundamentalism

Samuel Kimbriel
Aspen Center for Philosophy & Society
Author of Friendship as Sacred Knowing

Samara Klar
University of Arizona
Co-author of Independent Politics

Robin Koerner
Academic Dean
John Locke Institute

Robert B. Kozma
Emeritus Principal Scientist
SRI International
Author of What You Can Do to Make the World a Better Place (forthcoming)

Peter Kreko
Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences (Budapest, Hungary)
Director of the Political Capital Institute
Senior Fellow, Central for European Policy Analysis

Rick Langer
Professor, Talbot School of Theology
Co-director of The Winsome Conviction Project
Biola University

Mathew Levendusky
University of Pennsylvania
Author of The Partisan Sort and (forthcoming) We Need to Talk: How Cross-Party
Dialogue Reduces Affective Polarization

Yuval Levin
American Enterprise Institute
Author of The Fractured Republic and A Time to Rebuild

Linda Malone-Colon
Dean of the School Liberal Arts and Education
Hampton University

Jennifer McCoy
Georgia State University
Non-resident Scholar, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Co-editor of Polarizing Polities: A Global Threat to Democracy

Lawrence Mead
New York University
Author of From Prophesy to Charity and Burdens of Freedom

Julia Minson
Harvard University Kennedy School of Politics
The Washington Forum

Hassan Mneimneh
Middle East Institute
The Washington Forum

Matt Motyl
Lead Quantitative UX Researcher
Civic Integrity at Facebook
Co-founder and Research Director of Civil Politics

Nealin Parker
Executive Director, Common Ground USA
Non-Resident Fellow, Princeton University

Pete Peterson
Dean and Braun Family Dean’s Chair
Pepperdine University School of Public Policy
Davenport Institute for Public Engagement

Peter Pomerantsev
Arena, SNF Agora Institute, Johns Hopkins University
London School of Economics

Jonathan Rauch
Brookings Institution
Author of The Happiness Curve and The Constitution of Knowledge

Wilfred T. Reilly
Kentucky State University
Author of Taboo

Alex Roberts
Ohio State University

Edmund N. Santurri
Professor of Religion and Philosophy
St. Olaf College
Director of the Institute for Freedom and Community
Author of Perplexity in the Moral Life

Timothy J. Shaffer
Kansas State University
Institute for Civil Discourse and Democracy
National Institute for Civil Discourse
Deliberative Pedagogy Lab
Co-Editor of Creating Space for Democracy

Peter Skerry
Boston College
Author of Mexican-Americans and Counting on the Census?

Martina Smuclerova
Ambis University (Prague, Czech Republic),
Paris Institute of Political Studies / Sciences Po (Paris, France)

Bill Stanczykiewicz
Director of The Fund Raising School
Indiana University Lilly School of Philanthropy

Dominik Stecula
Department of Political Science
Colorado State University
Co-author of We Need to Talk

Daniel Stone
Bowdoin College
Director of Media Trades
Author of Undue Hate: A Behavioral Economic Analysis of Hostile Polarization in
Politics and Beyond (forthcoming)

Edward Tomlinson
Professor of Business and Economics
West Virginia University
Co-editor of Crime and Corruption in Organizations

Kevin Vallier
Bowling Green State University,
Author of Must Politics Be War? and Trust in a Polarized Age

Andrew T. Walker
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Author of Liberty for All

David Welch
Shepherd University
Stubblefield Institute for Civil Political Communication

William (Beau) Weston
Centre College
Author of Between Bohemia and Suburbia and Leading from the Center

W. Bradford Wilcox
University of Virginia
Professor and Director of the National Marriage Project
Co-author of Soul Mates and editor of Unequal Family Lives

Robb Willer
Stanford University
Director of the Polarization and Social Change Lab

Marlene Wind
University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
Centre for European Politics
Author of The Tribalization of Europe

Peter Wood, President
National Association of Scholars

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