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Watch a movie on your own, then get together with others who are similar to or different from you to discuss it.

The movies we choose cover social/political issues we’re currently dealing with in our daily lives and society at large. They may highlight liberal-leaning, conservative-leaning or independent themes, or feature actors or directors from opposite sides of the political spectrum.

We encourage participants to engage in thoughtful conversation, exposing themselves to different points of view, and emphasizing Braver Angels listening and speaking skills. In addition to bridging divides, we hope participants will find enjoyment in rewatching some of their favorite films, and in discovering new ones. To suggest a film, volunteer to help out,  or if you have any questions, please contact

NEXT FILM Look Away, Look Away, August 24, 8 pm ET

On August 24 we will discuss Look Away, Look Away, a 2022 film that documents the fierce five-year battle that led to the removal of the confederate “stars and bars” from the Mississippi state flag, revealing how race, heritage and long-simmering grievances over the Civil War shape our sense of who we are as Americans. This 89-minute film presents “a rare opportunity to… empathize with those who hold viewpoints that differ from ours” and “takes us through a journey of cultural identity,” Malcolm Good, The Flag Institute. 

Film director and producer Patrick O’Connor will join us for the discussion!

Whether you’ve attended no film discussions, just one, or a number of them, you are welcome to attend and join in! Watch Look Away, Look Away for a small fee on Apple TV, YouTube (SD version is fine), iTunes or Google Play.  Please watch this film before the discussion.

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Previous Film Discussions

       7/18/22 Shut Up and Sing, 2006 (Available for free here)

       Film Trailer                                            Film Discussion

      6/30/22 Uncle Tom, 2020 (Available for free on Amazon Prime)

      Film Trailer                                             Film Discussion

       5/31/22 Dialogue Lab, America, 2022 (Watch film for free here)

       Film Trailer 

       4/28/22 Poverty, Inc., 2014 (Available for free on Amazon Prime, Tubi and Vudu)

        Film Trailer                                          

       3/29/22 Common Grounds?, 2021 (Available for free on YouTube)

         Film Trailer                                          Film Discussion

      3/1/22 —  What Killed Michael Brown?, 2020 (Available for a small fee on YouTube).

        Film Trailer                                           Film Discussion

       1/31/22 12 Angry Men, 1957 (Available for free on Amazon Prime)
        Film Trailer                                           Film Discussion

        11/23 Other Side of the Hill, 2021 (learn more about how to view it here)

        Film Trailer                                            Film Discussion

        10/26  Swing State, 2020 (Available for a small fee on Vimeo)

        Film Trailer                                            Film Discussion                                       

        9/28 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, 1939 (Available for a small fee on various platforms)

        Film Trailer                                            Film Discussion

         8/24  Black Boys, 2020 (Peacock)

         Film Trailer                                            Film Discussion (except for first 20 minutes)

         6/22 My Octopus Teacher, 2020 (Netflix)

         Film Trailer                                            Film Discussion

         5/27No Safe Spaces, 2019

         Film Trailer                                            Film Discussion

         Watch for free on Tubi

         4/27The Best of Enemies, 2019 (Showtime)

         Film Trailer                                             Film Discussion                           

         3/23Trumphobia: What Both Sides Fear, 2020

         Film Trailer                                              Film Discussion

         For information on how to view, visit

          2/23Lincoln, 2012

          Film Trailer                                              Film Discussion

          Available to watch for a small fee on iTunes, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play and Vudu.

         1/26/21The Reunited States, 2020      

         Film Trailer                                                Film Discussion

         Available on Amazon Prime, and for a small fee elsewhere. For a list, see 

        12/17It’s a Wonderful Life, 1946 (Amazon Prime)

         Film Trailer

         11/24 Divided We Fall: Unity Without Tragedy, 2020 

         Film Trailer                                              Film Discussion

        Watch the film for free here

        10/29 The Social Dilemma, 2020 (Netflix)

         Film Trailer                                              Film Discussion 

         9/25 High Noon, 1952

        Film Trailer                                              Watch film for free here

8/28 The Campaign of Miner Bo, 2020 

        Film Trailer                                                 Film Discussion

        Available for a small fee from Amazon Prime

7/31 — Accidental Courtesy: Daryl Davis, Race and America, 2016 (Amazon Prime)

Film Trailer                                                Film Discussion

7/24/20 — The Banker, 2019 (Apple+)

         Film Trailer                                                Film Discussion 


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