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Watch a movie on your own, then get together with others who are similar to or different from you to discuss it.

The movies we choose cover social/political issues we’re currently dealing with in our daily lives and society at large. They may highlight liberal-leaning, conservative-leaning or independent themes, or feature actors or directors from opposite sides of the political spectrum.

We encourage participants to engage in thoughtful conversation, exposing themselves to different points of view, and emphasizing Braver Angels listening and speaking skills. In addition to bridging divides, we hope participants will find enjoyment in rewatching some of their favorite films, and in discovering new ones.

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Next Film Discussion :  No Safe Spaces  May 27, 8 pm ET

        Film Trailer                                                   Registration: Click here

In this 2019 documentary, comedian Adam Carolla and radio talk show host Dennis Prager travel the country, talking to experts and advocates on the left and right, tour college campuses, and examine their own upbringings to try to understand what is happening in America today regarding freedom speech. It highlights free speech controversies occasioned when political conservatives are invited to speak in university settings.

No Safe Spaces is available for free on Tubi, via subscription on Amazon Prime, and for a small fee elsewhere.

Previous Film Discussions

         4/27–The Best of Enemies, 2019 (Showtime)

         Film Trailer                                             Film Discussion                           

         3/23Trumphobia: What Both Sides Fear, 2020

         Film Trailer                                              Film Discussion

         For information on how to view, visit

          2/23Lincoln, 2012

          Film Trailer                                              Film Discussion

          Available to watch for a small fee on iTunes, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play and Vudu.

         1/26The Reunited States, 2020      

         Film Trailer                                                Film Discussion

         Available to watch for a small fee on various sites. For a list, see 

        12/17It’s a Wonderful Life, 1946  

         Film Trailer

         11/24 Divided We Fall: Unity Without Tragedy          Watch the film for free here

         Film Trailer                                              Film Discussion

        10/29 The Social Dilemma, 2020 (Netflix)

         Film Trailer                                              Film Discussion 

         9/25 High Noon, 1952

        Film Trailer                                              Watch film for free here

8/28 The Campaign of Miner Bo, 2020 (via link from the director)

        Film Trailer                                                 Film Discussion

7/31 — Accidental Courtesy: Daryl Davis, Race and America, 2016 (Amazon Prime)

Film Trailer                                                Film Discussion

7/24 — The Banker, 2019 (Apple+)

         Film Trailer                                                Film Discussio

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