A Trump-Supporting Braver Angel


Carlos Hernandez is a Latino Braver Angels leader from San Francisco who supports President Trump. In this episode, Carlos talks to host Ciaran O’Connor about what it’s like to be a conservative in San Francisco, why he supports the President, and how he believes Braver Angels’ work can build trust and understanding between those who plan to vote differently in November. This conversation is a part of Braver Angels 2020, a national campaign to help Americans “Fight Right” by debating painfully divisive issues in a constructive way that prizes vigor and virtue over rancor and vitriol.

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1 thought on “A Trump-Supporting Braver Angel”

  1. Jessica Gronich

    I have so appreciated the work of your organization for months now and am more engaged everyday. I am a very liberal ‘blue’ in a relationship with a decidedly ‘colorless’ libertarian and I’m trying everyday to find the commonalities among our disagreements, and Braver Angels has helped tremendously. I found this conversation between Ciaran and Carlos a great example of seeking understanding, but I did feel there was a huge gap (for me at least) between understanding why Carlos had grown up liberal “in a bastion of liberal progressivism” and shifted so sharply toward the conservative party. Maybe I missed what he sees as quite obvious reasons, but I felt he sort of skipped over what, to me, was the most important part of his story in understanding why suddenly Donald Trump seemed to better emulate the values that he was seeking in a leader. I’d love to hear more from him about this. Thanks for what you all do!

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