Skills for Bridging the Divide Workshop: eLearning Course

The Braver Angels Skills for Bridging the Divide workshop offers tips on how to communicate with people who differ from you politically. You’ll learn and practice skills for listening in a way that the other person feels heard, and speaking in a way that the other person is likely to hear you.

Compared to the in-person version of this course, the eLearning Course also includes video clips. It’s interactive, and comes with two options, one for “reds” who lean conservative, and one for “blues” who lean liberal. You can choose one option and then the other if you like; the skills are the same but the examples are different.

If you’d like to follow up this course with a live Zoom practice session led by a trained moderator, check out the Online Skills for Bridging the Divide Workshop! You’ll be paired with a partner in a low-stakes environment where you can focus on the skills to practice communicating better, rather than winning an argument. 

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