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Braver Angels Online Experiences

Online Workshops

Come Together...Wherever You Are

Braver Angels workshops have brought thousands of people together over the past few years, strengthening relationships and whole communities. We want to make these experiences accessible to every American who wants to take part, so we’re making them available online, using the great videoconferencing tools now available. 

Training Workshops

Conversations about our beliefs can be difficult, especially when our relationships are at stake.

Braver Angels Online Training Workshops help you navigate these discussions with empathy and openness, and avoid demonization and contempt. Practice your skills with others using Zoom breakout rooms. 

SBD Skills for Bridging the Divide — Learn techniques for speaking with those you disagree with so you can be heard, as well as listening in order to truly hear.
DW Depolarizing Within — Recognize your inner polarizer, and practice affirming the value and humanity of the other side, even among people who agree with you.
F&P Families & Politics — Learn skills for handling family political differences in a constructive way, while remaining true to one’s values and political beliefs.

Red-Blue Workshops

“I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.” 
— Abraham Lincoln

Come together with Americans of all stripes to better understand the influences on one another’s political beliefs, and to look for common ground. Use technology to facilitate collaborative discussions and the sharing of ideas.

1S 1-Session Online Red-Blue — Get beyond the stories we tell about each other to discover the truth, and create a forum to discuss our viewpoints without judgment.
2S 2-Session Online Red-Blue — Go further in the search for common ground by asking sincere questions of understanding, and getting real answers.
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