Success Happens Podcast: Braver Angels’ Tom, Jim and Natalie

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Jim Carpenter — Frederick Organizer
Natalie Abbas — Frederick Organizer
Tom Smerling — Maryland State Coordinator

The Problem of Polarization:

Political polarization did not start with the 2016 election — it’s been gaining momentum for over 20 years. But with the rancor and divisiveness that has been on display in recent years, polarization may have reached its worst level in the United States since the Civil War.

Today, many believe that their political adversaries are not simply misguided, but that they are also bad people whose ways of thinking are both dangerous and incomprehensible. As Charles Krauthammer once noted, “Conservatives think Liberals are stupid, Liberals think Conservatives are evil!”

The Pew Research Center, which has been measuring political polarization in the United States since 1994, recently found that the average partisan gap has increased from 15 percentage points to 36 points.

The United States is disuniting. We’re becoming two Americas angry with the other and distrusting our opposites’ basic humanity and good intentions.

This degree of civic rancor threatens our democracy and it’s a trend we must reverse!

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Our mission at Braver Angels, since the day of our founding a few short years ago and across all the lifetimes and ages that have passed since then, remains what it always has been and always will be: to hold America together by transforming ourselves and loving one another.

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