From the Depolarization Movement to the U.S. Senate? | Steven Olikara with John Wood Jr. - Braver Angels

From the Depolarization Movement to the U.S. Senate? | Steven Olikara with John Wood Jr.


U.S. Senate candidate Steven Olikara has already had an impact on American democracy. He’s the founder of the Millennial Action Project, a nonprofit that works with young policymakers on both a national and state level to bridge the partisan divide and spur collaborative legislation.

But is that the type of attitude that can get you elected to Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate seat in today’s divided America?

In this first-ever candidate interview on The Braver Angels Podcast, Steven Olikara gives us the backstory of his relationship to democracy through his love of jazz, his work in the field of depolarization, and his experiences on the campaign trail.

Learn more about Steven’s campaign: 

Twitter: @braverangels@StevenOlikara@JohnRWoodJr

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