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Grace Under (Political) Pressure? | Kirsten Powers with Mónica Guzmán


Toxic levels of ungrace are tearing us apart. That’s the diagnosis from Kirsten Powers, senior political analyst at CNN and former political analyst at Fox News. But is grace really possible across divides this huge and seemingly threatening? In a candid interview with host Mónica Guzmán, Kirsten draws on her Catholic faith, her years of cross-partisan debates in the spotlight, her experience with anger and contempt after the 2016 election to unpack a virtue she argues is deeply misunderstood and critically needed. 

Check out Kirsten’s book, Saving Grace, out November 2.

Twitter: @braverangels, @moniguzman, @KirstenPowers 

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2 thoughts on “Grace Under (Political) Pressure? | Kirsten Powers with Mónica Guzmán”

  1. Thank you, Monica Guzman, for the interview with Kirsten Powers. Your questions, as always, brought out the best in the guests’ thinking. I normally do not have the patience to stay logged on for a one-hour podcast. However, Kirsten Powers was totally engaging – so relatable in everything she said. I immediately went online and bought her book. I am a new fan! THANKS!

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