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Cocaine, Black L.A. and the Story of Lorenzo Murphy | with John Wood Jr.


From the mid 1980’s to the early 1990’s, the United States of America was ravaged by the violence and destruction associated with the crack cocaine trade and epidemic. But more than anyone, inner-city African American communities felt the pain, setting the stage for mass incarceration and the social conflicts that rest in the background of our modern controversies over race and policing.

In this episode, once drug dealer and contemporary community advocate Lorenzo Murphy takes us into his former life as right hand man to Los Angeles’ most notorious drug dealer, Freeway Rick Ross, to give us a lens through which to see this pivotal, if tragic, period of Black American history.

With Braver Angels national ambassador John Wood Jr.

Twitter: @braverangels @JohnRWoodJr 

Instagram: murphy_law74


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