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Fame and Polarization with Ken Bone

Average Joe turned political celebrity Ken Bone joins John and Ciaran to talk about his wild ride to fame following his celebrated appearance at the second 2016 Trump vs. Clinton presidential debate, and to share his insights into the problem of political polarization and how we can overcome it.

A Braver Angels State of the Union

On January 31st, Braver Angels shared a vision of what our politics could be if we were to seek the best in each other, harkening to our common creed. Here’s what it felt like…

Protests, Pile-Ons and Toxic Masculinity

Ciaran O’Connor and John Wood, Jr., with fellow Braver Angels leaders Greg Steinbrecher and Randy Lioz, discuss bias and pile on culture in the wake of the protests involving Covington Catholic High School students and participants in an Indigenous People’s Rally, and the Gillette commercial targeting “toxic masculinity.”

An American Declaration

In June of 2018, in Harrisonburg, Virginia, 150 delegates, half red and half blue, came together to say that the era of polarization must come to an end. They issued a new American declaration, one that declares that the era of polarization must come to an end. That “We the People” not only must heal our nation, we can. They also adopted a set of principles and a program for ending polarization.

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