Luke Nathan Phillips

Luke Nathan Phillips is BA's Publius Fellow for Public Discourse. He serves as Program Director for America's Public Forum, Secretary of the BA Scholars Council, Editor for BA Media's opinion content, and member of the Executive Committees of the National Debates and College Debates teams. He is based in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.

Days of Infamy, Heroes of Democracy

At each moment, millions of us held our breath, and millions more of us raged in righteous fury, or stood in trembling fear. The stakes of our times shone clear, the twists and turns of American life on bright, terrible display. Each a moment of fury and dread that, still unresolved, lives on. Each a moment, we raged and feared, that would end America as we know it.

A Firebell in the Night

Our mission at Braver Angels, since the day of our founding a few short years ago and across all the lifetimes and ages that have passed since then, remains what it always has been and always will be: to hold America together by transforming ourselves and loving one another.

Not Yet a Forlorn Hope

The mission continued. Every so often since 1944, the ambitions of great leaders and the swirling currents of history have given subsequent generations their own rendezvouses with destiny.

Two Kinds of Half-Depolarization

Depolarization, as we at Braver Angels see it, is not so much about reducing partisanship or increasing moderation, as it is about re-building social ties and relationships across partisan divides, and reducing individuals’ sense of disgust for people of opposing political opinions.

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