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Division in America does not stop at the office doors, as political polarization can affect company culture and objectives, threatening productivity in both employee-employee and employee-customer spheres. Differences of opinion about issues outside of work are filtering into the workplace and challenging us to improve our skill in communicating across divides.

Our evidence-based sessions equip you and your company’s leadership with constructive approaches to civil discourse so that they can foster respectful and skillful dialogue between people holding differing points of view on political and social issues.

Partner with Braver Angels to position your business as a leader in supporting depolarization by offering self-serve skill-building tools for employees to access and use at work.

Our corporate trainings include:

1. Keynotes and Speakers: Braver Angels leaders can conduct a presentation for your company, either as a keynote address or a personalized presentation and Q&A. For example, we offer keynotes with two leaders demonstrating how to handle challenging political dialogue.

2. Personalized Live Facilitated Workshops: Braver Angels offers a variety of personalized skills workshops for your leadership team or employees where participants can experience successful dialogue across the divide. Core workshops include:

    • Skills for Bridging the Divide: Learn to communicate with people who differ from you politically. Practice skills for listening in a way that the other person feels heard, and speaking in a way that the other person is likely to hear you.
    • Depolarizing Within: Avoid demonizing, dismissing, or stereotyping people who hold different political views, and learn strategies for participating constructively with like-minded peers when conversations veer into contempt and ridicule for others.
    • Families and Politics: Family relationships are becoming casualties of our toxic political environment. Learn skills for handling family political differences in a constructive way, while remaining true to one’s values and political beliefs.

3. Online eLearning Courses: Braver Angels can provide access to 45-minute eLearning courses introducing skills of listening, speaking, and depolarization. The eLearning courses are accessible via a personalized link and can be available to an unlimited number of participants.

4. One to Ones: In addition to moderated group workshops, we offer structure for guiding individuals through effective 1:1 conversations with those they differ with in terms of politics, race, or geography. These conversations allow people to get to know each other as people, to understand each other’s experiences and beliefs, and to look for common ground in how to bridge their differences.

5. Team Building Retreats and Seminars: We can create a custom program to help your group or organization improve communication and understanding among members, strengthening morale and effectiveness. These programs are particularly well suited for organizations focused on leadership development. 

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